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Verdicts & Settlements

We are proud of our aggressive pursuit of justice in cases of birth injury, medical negligence, workplace accidents and wrongful death on behalf of our clients.  The list below details the disposition of cases we have handled and the amount of the judgment or settlement we have won for our clients:

$4.9 MILLION  SETTLEMENT for high school student who was a pedestrian struck by a commercial trash truck and negligently allowed to cross the roadway by school crossing guard.

$2.95 MILLION  SETTLEMENT for cerebral palsy suffered at birth as a result of negligent monitoring of fetal monitor strips by resident obstetrician and defendant hospital nursing staff.

$2.6 MILLION  JURY VERDICT for birth injury resulting in brachial plexus palsy.

$2.150 MILLION SETTLEMENT for victim of automobile collision.

$1.8 MILLION  JURY VERDICT for birth injury resulting in brachial plexus palsy.

$1.5 MILLION SETTLEMENT for injury during surgery from physician negligence and surgical device malfunction.

$1.4 MILLION  SETTLEMENT for obstetrical negligence resulting in brachial plexus injury.

$1.07 MILLION  SETTLEMENT for work place accident when union painter electrocuted and burned as a result of coming into contact with live electrical wire which had negligently failed to have been de-activated by construction management.

$1.0 MILLION SETTLEMENT for surgical error resulting in delay in obtaining treatment of cancer.

$975,000 SETTLEMENT for visual impairment suffered by auto passenger struck by detached automobile tire.

$957,000.00 JURY VERDICT for workplace accident in which plaintiff employee fell from scaffolding as a result of a defective flooring.

$950,000.00 SETTLEMENT for birth injury resulting from brachial plexus injury.

$948,000 SETTLEMENT for patient receiving excessive local anesthetic during surgery.

$925,000 SETTLEMENT for slip and fall victim on commercial premises.

$570,000.00 SETTLEMENT for wrongful death of driver killed by defendant drunken driver after having been negligently served alcoholic beverages by defendant bar.

$500,000.00 SETTLEMENT for birth injury resulting in brachial plexus palsy.

$453,750.00 SETTLEMENT for product liability claim involving defective pool ladder resulting in fall and leg fracture.

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