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Birth Injury

Birth injury and birth malpractice cases comprise a major portion of the medical negligence and malpractice claims The Law Offices of Michael J. Weiss handles for our clients. Improper or careless treatment during pregnancy or childbirth can result in or contribute to birth injuries. Medical practitioners and facilities have the means to minimize the chances of such injuries. Routine tests and procedures can evaluate the health and progress of expectant mothers and their babies. Fetal monitoring during delivery can identify complications before they cause irreversible damage. But, obstetricians or other health care providers may fail to use accepted equipment and techniques or may use them improperly.

Birth injuries cause physical, emotional, and financial hardships, and their impact can be devastating for parents and children. Should these conditions arise as a result of improper care or medical error, it is important to safeguard the legal rights of the infant and the parent. Doctors and obstetricians as well as hospitals, health care facilities, nurses, and other health care providers and institutions may be liable for improper care that contributes to birth injuries. To maintain your rights, you need an expert birth injury attorney, brain injury attorney.

The Law Offices of Michael J. Weiss in Cherry Hill, NJ specializes in birth malpractice claims. Moreover, Michael Weiss, Esq. personally handles all the firm's cases, ably assisted by his experienced staff. That means clients always deal with the most knowledgeable and successful birth injury attorney in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and not with a junior associate or other lawyer with little background in this field. Do you have questions about a birth injury case, or about birth injury attorneys or medical malpractice attorneys? The Law Offices of Michael J. Weiss offers free case evaluations. 

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