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ER Malpractice

ER Malpractice- Medical errors in hospital emergency rooms are more common than many people realize, and The Law Offices of Michael J. Weiss represents many clients who have been affected by emergency room malpractice. Studies have found that emergency medicine has higher rates of error than most medical specialties. They include failures to take adequate patient history or perform tests, delays in providing care, using inappropriate therapies, and committing errors in treatment.

ER malpractice is not limited to lapses in care from emergency room physicians. Nurse malpractice and emergency room negligence account for many cases of improper medical care in emergency rooms. If you have concerns about the emergency room treatment you have received, it's important to preserve your rights and seek expert help from a malpractice attorney who has experience and success in emergency room malpractice cases.

Michael Weiss, Esq. personally handles all the firm's ER malpractice cases, aided by his experienced staff. Our clients deal directly with an experienced and successful emergency room malpractice lawyer. If you have a question about emergency room negligence, contact us today.

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