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Personal Injury

Personal Injury- Accidents may happen, but when someone's negligence causes personal injury or death, the law recognizes an obligation to compensate those who have been harmed. Personal injury may result from a wide variety of situations, including:

Car Accidents
Burn Injuries
Medical Malpractice
Construction Accidents
Inadequate Security
Dog Bites

If you or a family member has been affected by someone's negligence, violence, recklessness, or other wrongful conduct, it's important to protect your rights and be compensated for the expense and suffering the injury causes. The Law Offices of Michael J. Weiss in Cherry Hill, NJ specializes in personal injury claims cases, and we have helped many clients successfully pursue personal injury lawsuits.

Many cases of personal injury fall into the category of medical malpractice. Physicians and health care providers who fail to provide appropriate care may be found liable for damages if their actions cause harm or death. Whatever the basis of a personal injury lawsuit, a successful case requires careful examination of records, consultations with experts, and a personal injury lawyer or attorney with experience and knowledge.


At The Law Offices of Michael J. Weiss, Michael Weiss is the lead counsel on every personal injury case. Our clients never need be concerned that their claim of personal injury is being handled by an inexperienced associate or junior attorney with little or no experience or success. We have won substantial verdicts for clients victimized by others' negligence. Our free case evaluation service is available to anyone who needs to discuss a potential claim. We are here to pursue justice for you!

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